Creating the Perfect Home Office

Gone are the days when you only had the choice of a desk and chair for your home office. Today’s home office furnishings options are all but endless. So, first things first! As with any decorating project, you first need to determine what you want to accomplish in your new home office, and then match those needs with the right furnishings!

While many people purchase a conventional desk, more and more are requiring extra space. If you fall into this category, you might consider a workstation. With an L-shaped configuration, you should find that it provides approximately twice the work space of a traditional desk. Plus, the storage options are virtually endless – cubbyholes, drawers and cabinets are all designed to store office essentials.

Another popular workstation option is the office armoire: two tall doors open to reveal a drop down work surface and plenty of storage space. Available in a multitude of design styles and furniture finishes, these popular pieces can easily fit into any design style.

Chairs, too, have vastly improved in terms of aesthetics as well as comfort. This is one place you can really put a personal stamp on your home office. Who says you can’t work from a traditional wing chair? Or even a country style Adirondack chair? Once you’ve determined you style preference, you next need to give careful consideration to the ergonomics. If you spend a majority of your time working at a computer, you may want to opt for a chair with separate adjustments for lumbar and lower back support, arm width and height, seat back angle and seat height.

Another extremely important consideration in creating the home office of your dreams is storage. Books, files, mail, magazines, and a plethora of other paperwork are essential to any full-fledged office – and as we all know – every piece of paper deserves its own home. Take stock of how many linear feet of open and closed storage you need right now, then multiply that figure by 25% to 50% to allow for future growth. Once you’ve come to a comfortable conclusion, consider various storage options – everything from conventional steel files to traditional wood cabinetry.

And finally, don’t forget those furnishings that will put the “home” in “home office”. Decorative lighting, as well as task lighting will ease the strain on eye and enhance your view. A custom upholstered chair with an ottoman for put-your-feet-up comfort, even a home entertainment unit can add up to an office ready for any job. And of course the all important finishing touches – custom window treatments, including theater style draperies to block off a space, area rugs, artwork and collectibles will all help to say, “This is my space!”

Many of my clients like to do ‘themes’ in their office related to their interests, work or personalities. College, travel, floral or color lead the way in distinguishing a unique space and allow for creativity that may take place in the rest of the house. Call us at Decorating Den Interiors Atlanta for help with your Home Office!

Given the right decorative approach, you’ll find it hard to leave work when 5 o’clock rolls around!

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